Explore the national forest area around Mystic Heights, like this creek bed and natural swimming holes, just a short walk from the front entrance of the community. A perfect way to enjoy the year-round sunny days in the area. This low impact scenic activity is perfect for the whole family or when friends come to visit your new home at Mystic Heights.

Just minutes from Mystic Heights, is downtown Sedona where you can experience not only the Sedona landscape scenery but also a wide variety of local cafes and restaurants. Walk through the many spacious, artisan shops available in town. On the weekends, Enjoy a delicious brunch at one of many fine restaurants. 

Sedona, AZ is the perfect location for outdoor adventures. Surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land and buttressed by four wilderness areas and two state parks, this is a landscape built for adventure. Whether hiking or biking the 300+ miles of trails in Sedona, there is always something to do with friends or family.

Sedona has some of Arizona’s most beautiful classic trout streams, Oak Creek being one of the favorites. Imagine your day surrounded by lush vegetation and gorgeous scenery. Rainbow trout is a Sedona favorite. Sedona is also home to some beautiful carry-over and wild Rainbows, as well as some big wary wild Brown Trout that date back to the early 1900’s and Zane Grey.  If you’re looking for the most beautiful place to fly fish in Arizona, this is it!

The Verde Valley’s abundant sunshine and dramatic nighttime cool-downs, combined with rich volcanic soil and a good water source create an ideal environment for some of the most famous wine regions of the world. A handful of wineries just outside of Sedona (and within minutes of Mystic Heights) are available for you to enjoy. It’s easy to forget that you’re anywhere near a desert.

Get outside and enjoy Sedona’s many hiking trails and visit the world-famous red rocks. Angular formations, high mesas and rocky cliffs that define the multi-terraced skyline is what Sedona outdoor adventure is all about. You’ll never grow tired of the hiking experiences Sedona has to offer.

Immerse yourself in Sedona’s many parks and forests. Even though, Sedona has mild weather, it still has all four seasons that many people thought they might miss in Arizona. In Sedona, trails for hiking and biking, along with bouncy jeep tracks, weave among the bristling forest of pinnacles, spires, buttes and domes. While living at Mystic Heights, you’ll have instant access to recreational activities by being surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land.

Sedona and skiing are companions throughout the winter season. When living in Sedona, you’ll be able to enjoy the local ski resort, just one-hour away. The views of red rocks meeting fresh powder during the winter makes every day in Sedona worth waking up to.

Sedona is one of the most scenic areas of Arizona and one of the best destinations for casual hikers looking to spend a few hours walking along the red rocks or through dramatic canyons. Trails here range from easy, family-friendly paths around buttes or along the base of cliff walls to more challenging routes with wonderous lookouts. Through your hikes you can find a natural bridge, rivers and streams, wildlife, and even energy vortexes. Set at an elevation of over 4,300 feet, the walking trails around Mystic Heights homesites are not as hot as those in the desert around Phoenix or Tucson, but it’s low enough that you can hike here year-round.

Sedona is home to some of the most jaw dropping scenery in the country. Sedona is known as Red Rock Country for the colorful red rock formations that dominate the landscape. The area around Mystic Heights is home to hundreds of miles of walkable trails, easy enough for a casual walk with a loved one or friends. Around Mystic Heights, you’ll experience magnificent views of the surrounding million-year-old ancient rocks.

Not far from downtown Sedona
yet a million miles away.

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