Fifteen years in the making, Mystic Heights is a unique living experience that makes the most of Sedona’s natural beauty. The years-long development process was carefully crafted to ensure absolute perfection in every aspect of the community, from its minimal impact on the surrounding environment to the neighborly design of the cul-de-sac streets.

Our Vision

The Hidden Gem of Sedona

In 2003, our vision for Mystic Heights began.

Countless plans and engineering drawings were developed. Numerous environmental studies and years of government reviews and approvals were undertaken.

Why would we spend this unusually long time and countless resources just to create a very limited number of homesites? Was it a love of the land and a fondness for Sedona? Absolutely.

But it was more than that. We recognized that Mystic Heights was unique. Not just to Sedona, but to developments anywhere.

From sunrise to sunset, to experiencing the glory of the Milky Way on a crisp starry night, the views here are vast, unsurpassed and will take your breath away.

Mystic Heights is Truly the Hidden Gem of Sedona.

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Sharing a Passion

The Mystic Heights team shares a passion for the beauty and incredible lifestyle Sedona has to offer. An appreciation for the natural grandeur of Sedona blossomed into a mission to create a residential community unlike anything else in the world. Combining the unique beauty of the natural landscape and our expertise, we crafted a plan for was so much more than just another gated community.

Ultimately, the goal was to design a community that would welcome residents who wanted more from life – a lifestyle that existed in harmony with the beautiful surroundings, a peaceful retreat from busy everyday life, and convenient access to the wealth of art, culture, shopping, and what the downtown area has to offer. Here, everyday life would take on new meaning and purpose, set against unsurpassed views of the vibrant red rocks of Sedona.

After years of perfecting the community vision, the Mystic Heights team has succeeded in their mission: to design and build a place that offers endless possibilities and incredible beauty for every one of its residents.

Designing a One-of-a-Kind Community in Sedona

The amount of time and work we put into the Mystic Heights development is unprecedented, spanning a highly detailed process that left no stone unturned. Because we sought to create something worlds beyond any other community, we quickly realized that the planning process would require an incredible amount of focus and dedication. However, our commitment to our shared vision left no question in our minds, and we persevered through all.

Countless versions of the community plan and engineering drawings were created, accounting for every last detail and consideration. Numerous environmental studies enabled us to build a community that wouldn’t infringe upon the surrounding habitats, existing in peaceful balance with Sedona’s natural flora and fauna. Procuring the necessary government approvals and reviews took years, and countless industry resources were utilized to their utmost extent.

After nearly two decades, our dreams and hard work have finally come to fruition. The product of our team’s tireless dedication and expertise is an incredible residential community that offers the opportunity to live your best life in the heart of Sedona’s red rock landscape.

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