The Verde Valley area offers an array of options for anyone searching for real estate, with a wide range of property types available in the highly desirable community of Sedona. If you’re interested in finding a piece of Sedona to call your own, understanding the different types of real estate available is an excellent first step.


Sedona is home to a variety of residential communities, many of them varying in age, quality, and style. Because the city is such a desirable place to live and travel, expect prices to be quite high. Purchasing an already-built home in Sedona is typically fairly expensive, often making a custom build a smarter investment in the long run.

Business Opportunity

Considering buying a business opportunity-type property to try your hand at flipping? The Sedona real estate market can hold potential for profit, but it can also be tricky to time the purchase and sale properly. Keep in mind that depending on how quickly you flip the property, you might be responsible for paying significant taxes.


When you search for real estate in Sedona, you may find a handful of commercial/industrial properties for sale. However, it’s important to know that these properties are not zoned for any type of residential building, so you won’t be able to reside on the land.


A multi-family property like a condominium or townhome comes with a certain level of convenience, some managed by professional companies that handle things like exterior maintenance and landscaping. Keep in mind that owning a unit in a multi-family property comes with more restrictions than a traditional homesite or residential property. Also, if privacy is one of your priorities, you aren’t likely to find it with this real estate type.

Vacant Land

While a vacant lot can offer the ability to construct your own home, it’s easy to run into unexpected – and often expensive – obstacles after purchase. Many buyers discover that their lots are not properly zoned for the type of build they want, or that installing utilities will come with an exorbitant cost.


Because Sedona is a popular destination for travelers, there’s no shortage of fractional/timeshare properties. While the apparent convenience of this property type may be tempting, especially if your Sedona property will function as a second home, there are downsides to consider. You may find yourself unable to freely visit Sedona as you’d like, with popular dates filling up quickly.  

Custom Homesite

Imagine being able to select a property that’s ready for you to begin building the custom home of your dreams, situated in a gated community designed with your privacy, serenity, and quality of life in mind. With the right custom homesite, that dream is a reality, allowing you to construct your forever home while benefiting from the structure of a professional community layout. You’ll be able to create a home that suits your lifestyle, offering you a wonderful retreat surrounded by the natural beauty of Sedona.

Find Your Perfect Sedona Property at Mystic Heights

Mystic Heights is an exclusive gated community in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, the first of its kind to be added to the city in over a decade. Each one of the limited number of prime homesites in Mystic Heights offers stunning views of the majestic red rocks, with generous lot sizes that allow for flexible home build sizes and privacy. Start creating the dream life you deserve by choosing a homesite in Mystic Heights. Learn more about the community and available homesites by contacting the Mystic Heights office today.